When Sarah Savage Met James Martin to talk Asda Extra Special Sausages


By Sarah Savage

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Retford, I rocked up to meet James Martin and his media team at a lovely country pub in Nottinghamshire for a light bite and to discuss the plan for the day ahead.  The aim was to inform James of what makes Asda’s Extra Special Sausages ‘Extra Special’.

We then moved to a lovely setting at Retford Boatclub where James interviewed me along the canal.  It was all very exciting seeing the film crew set up, but I must admit I was a little nervous too as I wasn’t sure what James was going to ask me.  He was very interested in how we ensure consistent quality of our products and was very impressed with the level of detail that goes into our meat inspection, as well as the fact the whole range is Gluten Free!

Thankfully we captured the interview in just three takes and James even agreed to come over and visit our amazing new facility in the near future.  The interview and editorial piece will be available very soon in the Asda Good Living Magazine and YouTube channel.  So that’s my 2-minute claim to fame!