Finnebrogue is the UK’s leading artisan food producer. We combine groundbreaking innovation, advanced high-speed production methods and artisanal values to produce fantastic food from our base in County Down, nestled within the ancient woodlands and rolling hills of the Finnebrogue estate.

We make food the best it can be,
without being bound by the way
it has always been done.

Denis Lynn’s guiding principal has always been to make a better product than anything else available. The foundations for the success of Finnebrogue Artisan started with the discovery of a humble french fry. Partially cooked in the factory, then chilled at 2°C, they cooked up in just 90 seconds and tasted like fresh chips. Denis quickly became the largest customer of Lord Chips in Europe and was appointed agent for all of Ireland.

1985 | The Early Days

After buying the Finnebrogue Estate in the early nineties, Denis decided to become a farmer – welcoming red deer to the estate. Overnight, Finnebrogue became the largest deer farm in the UK and Ireland. This began a journey for a real understanding of what makes meat taste superb and locking down the guiding principles of ‘farm to fork’.

1996 | The Birth of Finnebrogue

Denis was breeding fantastic pure bred red deer, but somehow the end result, the beautiful lean meat, was not consistent. He knew travel and strange environments caused stress and at that point realised that his deer should be in their home environment until the very end of their lives. Denis consulted with the world’s experts and created the blueprint for Oisín Venison, one that is still followed to the letter today. Those strict quality values have been overlaid into everything we do.

The Vision

Finnebrogue Oisín Venison soon attracted critical acclaim amongst some of the world’s best chefs. Over the years the likes of Rick Stein, Raymond Blanc and Paul Rankin have built dishes around our Finnebrogue venison, but when Heston Blumenthal called, we knew he’d be looking for something special.

2002 | Heston Blumenthal

Caring about an animal’s welfare for the duration of its life, including its end, encouraged us to build the best deer slaughter facility in the British Isles. In just four months, we started a supply chain of venison to Marks & Spencer.

2003 | M&S Venison

We produced our first sausages, made to a unique process which locks in succulence and taste which has become our trademark.

2005 | The First Bangers

Bernd Mense was, and remains, the perfect mentor and teacher for Finnebrogue. He was fundamental in helping us understand and deliver world leading structure and succulence in all our products every time. Without his guidance we would not have achieved the industry leading quality for which we have become renowned.

Bernard Mense

The Bowman family have milled in England since 1847, and supplied us with premium Gluten Free Crumb since the making of our very first sausage.

Bowman's Mill

Since sausage production started here at Finnebrogue, Karro Food Group has been our main supplier. As one of the UK’s leading meat processors, Karro sources its assured pigs from across the UK and Ireland, from the rolling hills of North Yorkshire and Aberdeenshire to the six green counties of Northern Ireland. With their farming partners, Karro supply pork from a variety of production systems including Indoor & Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared, RSPCA Approved and Free Range.

Karro Food Group

When Marks & Spencer challenged us to make the best premium supermarket pork sausages in the UK, we created an Outdoor Bred, gluten-free, 97% pork sausage, with unique texture and succulence that surpasses even butcher’s sausages.

2009 | M&S Artisan Sausages

The Irish restauranteur, personality and TV chef, Paul Rankin, is known for his creativity and connection to the land. As a champion for artisan producers in Ireland and the UK, Paul came to us to produce an Irish sausage based on his traditional recipe, which became our first branded product, launching in Waitrose and Tesco.

Paul Rankin

What would happen if we took everything we knew about food production, animal welfare, sustainable packaging and healthy food and crammed it into meals that we’d be proud to serve our own families, whilst feeding others at the same time? Well, to answer that, The Good Little Company was born. Great-tasting family sausages with no artificial colours, flavours or other nasties. 85% outdoor bred pork, reduced fat, reduced salt, using recycled cardboard for our packaging and with 50% of the profits helping to reduce poverty in Malawi.

2010 | The Good Little Company

Our first Christmas with Marks & Spencer was a huge turning point for Finnebrogue Artisan. It’s when we really came into our own. At the time, we only employed around 100 people with two operational lines. It was all hands on deck as we made our first stuffing packs and Venison centrepieces – it was a truly magical Christmas.

2011 | M&S Christmas

Jo’s career in meat has spanned 30 years, from finding the passion for amazing meat as a Saturday girl at Baxter’s, the butchers, to scouring the globe for amazing food that we translate into the UK market. There is nothing she likes better, even now, than standing at the block ensuring that our meat quality is the best it can possibly be, and being creative in the kitchen with thoughtfully sourced and amazing ingredients.

Jo Discombe

The Good Little Company, in partnership with Christian Aid, successfully donated 20 million meals to families in Africa. The ‘Goodness for Everyone’ campaign meant that for every pack of Good Little Company sausages we sold, we gave someone in a developing country the means to grow themselves a meal every day for one week.

2012 | Giving

An overnight success, we created Britain’s poshest hot dog – an icon which went on to win Britain’s Best Sausage at the Meat Management Awards in 2019.

2013 | The Posh Dog

Giving has always been at the heart of what we do at the Good Little Company and we have chosen to donate specifically to children and young people’s charities at home and abroad, most notably the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi.

New and Continued Partnerships

After months of development work, building a range of Extra Special Sausages for Asda that we knew parents would love, we received the news that we had won the business. The team at Finnebrogue Artisan, with their passion for great food, developed a gluten-free sausage full of succulence, each as delicious as the last.

2014 | Asda Extra Special

Winning validation that the Finnebrogue Artisan team simply makes the best sausages.

2015 | Awards

In early 2016, Finnebrogue Artisan made the transition from ‘the factory’ on Finnebrogue Road to our new state-of-the-art food processing facility in Down Business Park. With £24 million worth of investment, the business saw its workforce increase to 320. Our passionate team of foodies were determined to uphold all of our artisan values and premium sausage making heritage, whilst creating a facility that enabled us to become the most efficient meat processors in the country.

2016 | The Future

Joining forces with Booker was a significant step for Finnebrogue. It was our first food service customer, meaning we could tap into the catering industry across the UK. As well as supplying Finnebrogue vegetarian products and Naked Bacon, we produce Booker’s signature own-label burgers and sausages. After just one year on Booker shelves, our Blackgate Signature Wagyu Burgers were presented with two stars by the coveted Great Taste Awards.

2017 | Booker

Denis had always refused to make bacon because he couldn’t find a way to do it without nitrites. That was about to change. Finnebrogue teamed up with Spanish company Prosur, who had developed a new natural flavouring made from Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts. Finnebrogue and Prosur set about applying this new technology to British bacon – and making a delicious rasher without the dangerous chemicals.



Having spent years travelling the world searching for a solution to the nitrites conundrum, Denis was now acclaimed as the man to deliver the biggest revolution to the British breakfast for a generation. Prosur’s natural flavouring helped Finnebrogue produce a fantastic rasher of bacon without any of the cancer-causing chemicals – and marked the company’s first branded offering in most of the UK’s supermarkets. “That’s saved our bacon”, celebrated The Sun.


2018 | Naked Bacon

In May 2019, Finnebrogue had the honour of welcoming royalty through its doors. HRH Prince of Wales paid a visit to our headquarters in County Down, where he was given a tour of our facilities and told the story of our nitrite-free revolution. We discussed how environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do, an issue that is very close to our hearts and for which Prince Charles has been a leading champion.


2019 | HRH Prince of Wales

Despite being the country’s leading premium sausage maker, we had never made a single rasher of bacon. For more than a decade, we refused to make a single rasher until we could find a way to do it without nitrites – and now we have.


Naked Bacon is made without nitrites or any other nasties – and is naturally tasty. We’ve also added ham to our Naked range so the nation can enjoy it’s favourite sandwich nitrite free!

Our sausage revolution began in 2005 when we developed a unique process to lock in succulence and taste, which is now our trademark. We produce the UK’s best premium supermarket pork sausages for leading retailers. We’re also the producers behind M&S’s iconic Posh Dog, Britain’s poshest hot dog! 


Our development continued in 2018 when we introduced sausages to our Naked range – free of any artificial additives or allergens.

The opening of our new vegetarian factory marked a major diversification for our business as we set about figuring out what is wrong with vegetarian and vegan products – and then making them the best they can possibly be, without being bound by the way it’s always been done.


Following an increasing demand for meat-free alternatives, we are now providing consumers with some of the most delicious, nutritious and environmentally sustainable vegetarian products on the market.

We wanted to create the very best sausage for UK families and also make a difference. In 2011, we partnered up with teams in Malawi to help transform the lives of poor and vulnerable people and The Good Little Company was born.


Now, when you tuck into great-tasting, healthy sausages, you contribute to preventing malaria, developing sustainable farming solutions and educating vulnerable children in Malawi.