Exploring Finnebrogue Woods with LandRover


By Chris Burt, Finnebrogue Artisan Development Chef

An early start for sure, but great to be back in Downpatrick – this time with Land Rover and Finnebrogue Woods.

You see it’s all about #hibernot, instead of hibernate, embracing the winter elements, getting in a Land Rover and enjoying the surroundings. But it was more than that!

After a quick survey of the land, it was clear to me there were things we could utilise, hyper local produce from Reindeer moss, winter sorrel and sweet cicely.

So at 6am on a very chilly Winter’s morning I was out foraging, thinking of the feast ahead. Stunning Finnebrogue Artisan topside and sausages, Dexter beef burgers from Finnebrogue Woods, Monkfish, Langoustine and Haddock sourced from Strangford Lough and some locally shot pigeon to boot, with a generous smothering of Abernathy butter.

So we stoked the fires, got the bacon sandwiches and coffee on the go in our winter warming teepee, on the idyllic Finnebrogue lake. Organised into four events, skiffing on the lake, a winter walk through the ancient woods and toasting marshmallows in the fire pit, 4×4 Land Rover off-roading on the estate to a cheeky cookery/foraging class with yours truly.

Culminating in a hyper local BBQ lunch for our amazing guests, who all whole heartedly embraced the experience. This event truly showcased the amazing produce available in Northern Ireland, whilst allowing guests to embrace the beauty of their surroundings.

Hibernot forever…