The brand joins global food brands Nestle and Tyson Foods as well as household British brands like M&S, Costa, Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op in adding enviro-scores to products

Finnebrogue Artisan, which owns Britain’s biggest bacon brand Naked, is one of the first-mover food producers to add scores to their products from September 2021.

The scores, rated A – G, have been issued by not-for-profit organisation, Foundation Earth, which was the brainchild of Denis Lynn, Finnebrogue’s late founder and chair, who sadly passed away in May.

The pilot launch, which is expected to run until summer 2022, uses a model developed by Oxford University and Mondra, using full product life cycle analyses, bespoke evaluations and the world’s most comprehensive secondary databank on environmental impact of food.


Naked Evolution Burger


Naked will add the enviro-scores and traffic-light style system to the front of packs on 27 products.

Naked plant-based range receives enviro-scores between A and B which is exemplary, while its pork sausages and bacon received B and C respectively. The enviro-impact of pork is mainly from the farming stage. However, Finnebrogue sources its pork from the British Isles, and this helps substantially to reduce carbon emissions.

Finnebrogue is encouraging more brands to be transparent and hopes that adding scores to more products will provide shoppers with the information they need to make more sustainable buying choices.



“To build a more sustainable planet, reduce carbon emissions and minimise biodiversity loss, we need a more sustainable food industry, and Finnebrogue is playing its part in helping to make that happen.

“Two foods which look, taste and cost the same can have wildly different environmental impacts, and it is hoped that by adding front of pack enviro-scores to our products, consumers can quickly and simply understand the environmental impact linked to their food choices and become more informed shoppers.”

Naked Evolution Burger and Naked without the oink rashers received top enviro-score A. These scores reflect the short efficient supply chains and minimal carbon impact, light recyclable packaging and low biodiversity impact within their product life cycle.


Summary of enviro-scores issued to Finnebrogue Artisan:

  • Naked Evolution Burger – A

  • Naked Evolution Meatballs – A

  • Naked Without the Oink Unsmoked Bacon Rashers – A

  • Naked Without the Cluck Southern Fried Chicken Goujons – A

  • Naked Without the Moo Mince – A

  • Naked Veg & Proud Spicy Bean Burger – B

  • Naked Without the Cluck No Chicken Kiev – B

  • Naked Without the Splash Plant Based Fish Goujons – B

  • Naked Deli Ham – A*

  • Naked Ham (all other varieties) – B

  • Naked Pork Sausages – B

  • Naked Back / Streaky Bacon (all varieties) – C

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