We launched our first advertising campaign for Naked Bacon!
November 2019

“One day, all bacon will be made this way”

We’ve been busy here at Finnebrogue! Earlier this month we launched an exciting new advertising campaign to support our revolutionary nitrite-free Naked range (which is now the biggest brand of bacon in Britain, by the way!)

The campaign headline perfectly sums up our ambition; to remove nitrites from all processed meats, not just in the UK, but around the globe. We’ve found the solution and are determined to fulfil our belief that “one day, all bacon will be made this way”.

Since the product’s launch in January 2018, the biggest bacon revolution in a generation has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of bacon lovers up and down the country. Now, we’re out there spreading the message that there is no need for any bacon to contain nitrites. To be honest, we don’t know why these chemicals were ever added in the first place!

This campaign is the first time we’ve advertised on such a large scale and it’s perfect timing as our Naked Bacon has launched in over 500 Tesco stores across the UK. Tesco UK joins our growing retailer list which already includes Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

From digital billboards in busy train stations to mobile and targeted ad sites outside supermarkets, there’s no escaping our call to make bacon the way it should be!

We did some digging and found that 57 per cent of UK consumers are aware of nitrites in processed meats and the risks they pose to health. Among those people, nitrites ranked as the number one health concern when buying bacon and ham, greater than salt, sugar or fat.

At Finnebrogue, we don’t think toxins should be added to food – and the public clearly agrees. So, we hope that one day, all bacon will be made this way.