Thai Som Tam Salad



1 pack Finnebrogue Sweet Chilli Sausages

1 Peeled Swede

3 Peeled Carrots

250g Peeled Root Ginger (chopped)

5 Peeled Garlic Cloves (chopped)

2 Birds Eye Chilli (chopped)

1 Red Onion Sliced (sliced)

1 Lime

1 Bunch Thai basil (chopped)

1 Bunch coriander (chopped)

1 tblsp vinegar

100g sugar

Thai fish sauce (2 tablespoons)

British Rapeseed Oil


Score the sausages diagonally – rub with rapeseed & place in a pre-heated fry pan until done (5 Minutes per side)

Using a mandolin shred the swede & carrot

Place in a large mortar with all the other ingredients & smash for 4 minutes

Cut the lime & add the juice

Pound for another minute

Serve & top with sausages, if you want drizzle with Thai sweet chilli!