Posh St Paddy’s Day Pigs in Blankets!

Posh St Paddy’s Day Pigs in Blankets!

A taste of the US of A on St Patrick’s Day – just perfect for brunching with pals!


8 Bangers

8 Rashers of back bacon (not streaky because today needs pimping!)

8 Dill pickle spears

American Mustard

1 x Red Jalapeno


Roll your bangers in the back bacon and secure with a cocktail stick

Pop into a hot oven until thoroughly cooked and the bacon crisps

Meanwhile chop your chilli and stir through the mustard

Arrange your pickles on a platter with a bowl of the dipping mustard, and for a wee sweetness drizzle over a little American BBQ sauce

Top tip – we love Frenchs!  Sooo authentic – try the BBQ Kansas City Classic.