Pork & Red Onion Scotch Egg

Pork & Red Onion Scotch Egg – piccalilli fluid gel


1 1/2 Rankin Pork & Red Onion

Maldon sea salt

Cracked black pepper

1 soft boiled free range egg

Panko breadcrumbs

1 teaspoon mustard powder

1 jar Piccalilli

1/2 teaspoon cornflour

Water if needed


Spilt your sausages

Season and mix in half the mustard powder (don’t let the mixture get too warm as its difficult to mould)

In between 2 pieces of clingfilm roll out the sausage mix with a rolling pin

Mix a little panko with the rest of the mustard powder

Remove the one side of the clingfilm and coat the soft boiled egg until even and smooth

Roll in the panic mix and deep fry for 4 minutes at 170°c

For the piccalilli gel – in a food processor – add the piccalilli and cornflour then blitz until super smooth, if it starts to get to thick add a little water

Serve – add a little swipe of the piccalilli – cut your egg – serve & enjoy