Maple & Bacon Sausage Poutine

Maple & Bacon Sausage Poutine with sweet potato, pancetta, red onions & spicy gravy


1 Pack Maple & Bacon sausages

1 Medium Red Onion (large dice)

6 Rashers Dry Aged Smoked Streaky Bacon

2 Pre-roasted Sweet Potatoes (cut chunky style)

2 Sliced Spring Onions

Good Maple Syrup

3 tablespoons Sweet Chilli sauce

1/3 of a pint of pre made gravy from granules  (to make it easy for you)

British or Irish rapeseed oil

Sriracha sauce

Micro Coriander


In a frying pan with a little rapeseed oil, on a medium heat add your sausages and fry till golden brown

Place in a 180°c pre heated oven for 6 minutes

Remove and rest in a warm place

Place a wok on a high heat, add a little rapeseed oil and throw in the onions and bacon

Whilst getting some colour add the sweet potatoes and cook for 2 minutes

Add your Spring onions

Put a little maple syrup in and watch it start to caramelise – add enough gravy to coat and then your sweet chilli

Turn out your wok contents onto a plate

Top with your juicy sausages – give a squirt of Sriracha – as much or as little as you like – quick drizzle of maple

Finish with your Coriander